Is Metaverse too far?

Abhijath Benhur
2 min readOct 22, 2021


We all have explained our moms & dads and wondered, why is it so hard, even to remember how to add a contact from a whatsapp group.

Me: “How many times do I have to repeat the same thing Mom ?

Gen t-1: “ Its not like our times boy, things have changed beyond our comprehension.”

Me: “Seriously? Adding a contact from whatsapp ? Its never a complex thing in any generation mom, you just need to understand logically”

We all thought we would be the tech heroes forever!

As facebook itself is to be announced as a Metaverse company, the time is not far where things would be difficult to comprehend if you don’t keep up with the tech. You all know cryptocurrencies and private wallets now. But time is not far when our kids will come up and ask —

Gen t+1: Dad, could you give the private key of your crypto wallet? I need to buy an NFT to join a yatch club in the metaverse!

Me: Son, what all did you just say? what is an NFT ?

Gen t+1: It’s Non-Fungible-Token dad, which is unique of a kind, issued by various legit/non-legit companies, like a collectible, asset or like a security token.

Me: Wow, can you show me ?

Gen t+1: Oh dad! It cannot be seen, its just an entry in the contract address in the blockchain.

Me: So what about this yatch party, going on ? Can I also join?

Gen t+1: It’s a virtual event dad, they are planning to integrate AR soon, after they buy a private beach in the Caribbean in Earth2.0

Me: So you are spending to buy a virtual currency, to buy a virtual ticket to attend an event in an imaginary location in a virtual world ? I’m not quiet getting this.

Gen t+1: Why is this so complex dad? Its just like you buying a ticket for a movie..

Me: But it was all real!

Gen t+1 : This too is!!

Welcome to Gen Next!