Secure your ideas on Blockchain

Abhijath Benhur
2 min readJun 2, 2022


Most of us have been struck with an idea, at-least once. It could be an art, scientific idea, a business model or a unique narrative, but it’s yours.

What have you done about it?

Did you roll up your sleeves to kill the routine and pursue it? Was it well evaluated with a group who could take you closer to implementing it? Many a times you have at-least felt the need for a book of records, to pin your claim globally. Maybe you would have taken a patent on it, but if your pockets were deep enough.

At times, you were too busy on more important things for the time, and want your idea to be implemented by someone who can, still retaining your ownership on it.

Even if you have taken a few steps practically down that road of implementing your idea, you must have felt —

  1. The insecurity of the big players bulldozing and owning it, without leaving anything for you, not even your signature.
  2. Hitting the wall of limitations of taking it all alone. Rome wasn’t built alone either!

What if there is a way to protect your idea and put your signature on it, which cannot be erased or ignored. Globally. Forever, literally forever. What if you have the stone-carved proof of what you brought in ? What if high-profiles reach up to you to join them in implementing your ideas?

You know blockchain. Immutable, Decentralised ,Transparent .. list goes on. You have read it a lot. Each of its defining terminologies holds a high relevance when it comes to storing the high value-details, especially unique, strong and one of a kind. Like an idea and its ideator.
IdeaTribe is a blockchain platform which allows you to store your thought, idea, art — anything that can be put as a file.

IdeaTribe stores your identity, timestamp and the file that contains your remarkable creation on the blockchain. How much ever the idea evolves or passed over the digital footprint of the creator is stored with all its information.

With a minimal transaction fee on the blockchain, IdeaTribe eliminates the friction in the current NFT world on the blockchain. Moreover, it connects you with like minded people or the ones who can be of great help for you to take it out to the world. Your idea can be really big to change the world, Who knows!

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