Triangle of life

Abhijath Benhur
2 min readJun 20, 2022


Everyone on this planet wants and has been chasing happiness throughout their life. Why is so hard to be gratified ? Either it could be that the bar rises every time you be there or its about the compromises you have to make.

Most of us have to compromise on something when you want to achieve something else. It could be family vs a strong career path, or it could be your salaried job which pays your bills vs the spiritual path you want to take.

We all have buckets which we fill in with our check-list to make ourself happy. which might include travelling, buying gadgets, helping others, staying fit, solid career, caring family, relationships etc.

While trying to organise and model the above broad categories, came up with something like this to make it easier to prioritise and distribute focus in 3 segments.

I named it, the isosceles model, where the whole broad categories are classified into three sides of an isosceles triangle— Career, Relationships and your Identity. While Identity is defined by your principles, personal interests, secrets, hobbies, wild imaginations, skills etc, Relationship defines the people engagements that you have. Be it co-workers, parents, partners, kids, crush, friends, family etc. Career covers the aspects which is defined by the day to day work that you do to provide yourself with certain level of independence, mentally and/or financially.

Some has the base of the triangle as career or relationships, where the other two are built on and some might not even need not have a ‘base’, with everything having same priority.

Some can compose themselves to have all these three tuned to one grand vision and some live these as parallel lives to have ups and downs in each of the sides.

It’s best to realise our base (or confirm you don’t need one), evaluate each of your needs and make sure to have a good balance against each of these sides.

Nonetheless, as humans, it is essential that these needs and desires on each side is well fed for us to remain contented and be so called `happy`.